Sarah Semark

Hello! I’m Sarah.

I’m a graphic designer & web developer.
I like riding my motorcycle, travelling the world, and learning new things. In my spare time, I make things that are beautiful to look at & easy to use.

For the last eight years, I’ve been running a full-time freelance design business. I love my work and I love my clients, but I’ve realized it’s time for a change. Building and growing my business has been an incredible experience. It’s taught me to communicate better, to back up my design decisions with reasoned arguments, and to manage my time effectively.

It’s also taught me that running a business is not where my passion lies. I want to spend more time doing work I love (design!) and less time doing work I don’t (accounting, responding to RFPs, using words like “synergistic.”)

I’m looking to do better work.

As a designer-developer and a self-styled “jill of all trades,” I’ve had the opportunity to learn all kinds of skills. If your copy doesn’t feel quite right, I can help you tweak it. Need someone to manage a project, keep everything on track, and oversee everyone? I’m your girl. I’m also super-technical. Developers love me because I use git with gusto and I’m not afraid to get my hands messy with code.

Over the last three years, I’ve visited over thirty-four different countries in five different continents. I’ve spent a total of sixteen months in Canada, all while running a successful, thriving business. Working while on the move hasn’t always been easy, but it’s taught me to balance my workload and communicate effectively. As a result, I’m efficient, coordinated, and I’m an absolute champion remote worker.

It’s my exploratory nature that makes me a great designer. I am always looking, always learning, always seeking new things. As a result, my work is varied, considered, and ever-improving.

In short: I am great. Hire me!

Sarah Semark This motorcycle is older than I am. Yep. I wear wedges to climb ancient Mayan ruins.

You might be interested to know…

I'm less crazy about happy worms.

I love learning

I’ve taught myself pretty much everything I know, and I’m constantly picking up new skills. Over the past few years, I’ve taught myself git, responsive design tactics, a few frameworks, and a slew of new tricks. I also learned to ride a motorcycle, speak Spanish, do calligraphy, and cook a mean curry. Rather than using ill-suited tools out of complacency or convenience, I select my tools based on each project’s individual requirements.

I wear a lot of hats helmets

On top of my dual role as designer-developer, I’ve done copywriting, project management, technical writing, documentation, accounting, and marketing. I’ve also been responsible for the selection and hiring of freelance illustration, development, and writing talents, and have coordinated projects with team members distributed around the globe.

Generally not the kind one wears for motorcycle-riding.
Promise not to set anyone else on fire.

I’m a self-starter

Did I mention that whole “running a business for eight years” thing? I am super motivated.

I'm sure this makes me a delight to everyone around me.

I’m detail-oriented

I’ve yet to meet a pixel I didn't think needed pushing, a line of code that couldn’t use trimming, or a colour that shouldn’t be tweaked. But I never let perfect be the enemy of great. Instead, I progressively enhance my work, so it improves with every iteration.

Designers are basically scientists who've taken too much LSD.

I solve problems

When I ran into troubles developing WordPress sites locally, I developed my own system for syncing from a local development to a production server, using shell scripts and database dumps (and shared it with others at Montreal’s WordCamp). Instead of letting frustrations get the best of me, I figure out a way to circumvent them. This means I can be more efficient and effective.

I’m quick

Time management is one of those things you pick up running a business. I’m used to juggling six different projects at a time, each with different deadlines and requirements—and clients in different timezones! On top of that, I’ve been doing all this juggling while exploring the jungles of South America or wandering the deltas of Southeast Asia. In short: I get stuff done.

And apparently, completely obsessed with rockets right now. Or I just can't draw a bunny.

Countries I’ve visited

In total: 42 different countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Antarctica and Oceania: you’re next!

Things I’ve done there

Typography, grids, page layout
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign CS
SASS, Less, etc.

Selected work

I've worked on a lot of different things.
Here are just a few of them.

Wicker Emporium
E.L. Tettensor
Triggers & Sparks
This is what my helmet-hair looks like.

Let’s work together.

I am currently based in the UK. I’m well-suited to remote work, but I’m open to working on-site. My passports allow me to work anywhere in Canada or the EU—and I’m certainly not afraid of a little travel!

Let’s build
beautiful things

Here’s how to get in touch with me