Design & Development, Responsive Design, WordPress,
Logo Design & Branding, Print & Advertising Design, Copywriting,
jQuery, CSS animation, Art Direction, Server Administration
Accounting, Janitorial Duties, Chairman of the Board

My very own full-time
freelance design company

In eight years of running Triggers & Sparks, I’ve learned and I’ve grown—not only as a designer, but also as a developer, a businesswoman, a marketer, and even (sigh) an accountant. In total, I’ve worked with over ninety clients on hundreds of projects, including over 100 websites.


Projects tackled

I’ve worked on WordPress blogs, built custom Rails apps, made MailChimp templates, integrated WordPress with Magento, done pixel art, designed logos & icons, worked on video games for EA, built Facebook apps, made book covers, made newspaper & magazine advertisements, designed iPhone apps, contributed to open source projects, designed window signage, and a whole bunch more. Whew!

Project Management

Most of the projects I’ve worked on I’ve helmed myself, and as such I’ve been responsible for all aspects of the project; from sourcing stock imagery or custom illustration to ensuring that development runs smoothly and the copy is well-crafted (copywriting is part of design, after all). I manage client expectations, control scope creep, plan timelines, and juggle multiple deadlines and projects—all with ease.

Art Direction

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with other designers, developers, illustrators, animators, and copywriters. My knowledge of lots of different fields means I always have something to contribute, and I’m a tactful, considerate, and enthusiastic member of a team. I love working with smart people who are great at what they do.


In my spare time I write a blog that focuses on design, travel, and running a successful business while travelling the world.

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Sarah is a pleasure to work with. She always has so many great ideas and her confidence is contagious. She breaks down jobs in a logical fashion and meets every deadline, standing by her work with professional integrity. As for the quality of her work, it speaks for itself!
Sarah is brilliant. She was able to translate my very specific vision for the site, and temper it with her in-​​depth knowledge of web technology and comprehensive understanding of what works in web marketing. It’s a kickass site and I couldn’t be happier with it.